Pre-Bid Notification - Market Street

South Burlington STP 5200(17)

Market Street Improvement Project

Pre-Bid Notification

The City of South Burlington, Vermont will be advertising the above project in the coming weeks. This is a pre-bid notification intended to generate interest in the project and provide prospective qualified bidders and subcontractors with ample time to prepare for bidding on the project.

LOCATION:  Beginning at the intersection of Dorset Street and Market Street in South Burlington and extending east along Market Street for a distance of approximately 3040 feet to its intersection with Hinesburg Road (VT116).

TYPE OF CONSTRUCTION: Work to be performed under this project includes: new pavement, new subbase, drainage, sanitary sewer, water system modifications, utility conduit, sidewalks, curbing, pavement markings, lighting, landscaping, pedestrian bridge, traffic signal modifications, erosion control measures, and other roadway related items on new horizontal and vertical geometry. The project has a November, 2019 completion date. 

PREQUALIFICATION OF CONTRACTORS:  All Bidders must be pre-qualified under the appropriate work category by the VTrans Division of Contract Administration. For this Project, a current annual prequalification for Roads and Highway AND a contract specific prequalification are both necessary. The Engineers Estimate falls between $5,000,000 and $10,000,000.

This project is partially federally funded and Davis Bacon wage rates, Buy America requirements, and other federally mandated requirements will apply. 

DRAFT final plans are currently available on the City's website.
Complete bid documents will be available at a later date as publicly advertised in the Vermont Bid System and/or other places.  

QUESTIONS: Contractors are requested to reserve all project questions for the bid process.