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          Welcome to the South Burlington City Clerk’s web page. 

The City Clerk's office is now open from 9:00 to 12:00 and then 1:00 to 4:00 Monday through Friday.  It is not required to make an appointment to come to the Clerk's office but if you would like to lessen the amount of time spent waiting for us, please consider filling out your marriage license  or vital records request application prior to coming in.  If you are a title searcher please contact the office for the calendar links to schedule your time.  Due to social distancing we can only allow 2 researchers in at a time.

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I am, Donna Kinville, your elected City Clerk since 2001. 

Over the years that I have served as your City Clerk I have worked hard to:  
1) Preserve and protect the records of the City by using emerging technology
2) Maintain the integrity of the elections
3) Remember that I am elected by the citizens of the City to represent them in City Hall on a daily basis.

Whatever the reason you accessed our web page, whether you are a current resident, thinking about becoming a resident, or a visitor to our beautiful City, we welcome you.  South Burlington is truly is a “different place altogether” where there is still a small town feel with all the city conveniences you need.

The Clerk’s office is the hub of any municipality and we are certainly no exception.  If you have a question please call us and we will gladly assist you.

City Clerk's Office Staff:

  • City Clerk - Donna Kinville   l  846-4119      
  • Deputy City Clerk - Laura Kimball  l  846-4120
  • Assistant City Clerk – Deb Woodward  l  846-4122
  • Part Time Assistant City Clerk - Jill Braddish

 The City Clerk's Office Oversees:

Other Services