Planned Unit Development / Master Plan Project

Planned Unit Developments and Master Plans
About this Project:
The Planning Commission is in the midst of an overhaul to how Planned Unit Developments and Master Plans are envisioned and regulated in the community. These are typically larger projects and can often contain more than one phase of development. Key goals of this project are to provide greater predictability to both applicants and the public during the review process, while encouraging innovating design and development that lines up with the City's Comprehensive Plan and its goals.

Neighborhood Center PUD type
Current Status:
The Planning Commission is in the midst of Phase II of this project and is tracking progress with its working Master Schedule, last updated August 2019. A more detailed version of this schedule is also available.

The Project has multiple component elements, charted out in a single draft graphic.
The Phase I Report outlined a series of different potential Planned Unit Development "types" that could be deployed in different areas of the City. In Phase II, the Commission has been developing the review criteria and functions for how these will work. In the winter of 2018, staff and the City's consultants have been meeting with the City's various committees - Affordable Housing, Natural Resources, Bicycle & Pedestrian, Energy, Recreation & Parks, and Development Review Board - to gather input on the first draft.

Next Steps:
The Commission is wrapping up review of  "typical" designs that would apply in these PUDs - Street types, Open Spaces, Building types - and is at the same time reviewing underlying zoning districts to make sure that the districts line up with where different PUD types should apply. In addition, the Commission has begun review of process elements and specific elements of the regulations, including natural resource standards and parking standards.

Project Documents:
Building Typologies updated draft [July 23, 2019]
Applicability of PUD types by zoning district draft [July 23, 2019]
Conservation PUD Type detailed outline draft [July 9, 2019]

Memo and proposal for zoning district consolidation [May 28, 2019]

Memo, draft, and remaining questions on Primary and Secondary Resources [March 26, 2019]

Presentation by Sharon Murray, Front Porch Community Planning & Design, on Primary & Secondary Resource considerations [March 12, 2019]
Memo, draft, and questions on PUDs and Primary & Secondary Natural Resources [March 12, 2019]
Citywide Street types 2nd draft [February 26, 2019]

Initial Review of Subdivision Process & Administration [February 26, 2019]
Proposed Amendments to Parking Standards 2nd Draft [February 26, 2019]
Building Typologies Revisions [February 26, 2019]
Planned Unit Development / Master Plan / Subdivision Project Status Update [February 19, 2019]
Proposed Amendments to City-wide Parking Standards 1st Draft [February 19, 2019]

Building Typologies First Review [February 19, 2019]
Update to Natural Resources Elements memo [January 22, 2019]
Outline of Planned Unit Development Article [January 14, 2019]
Natural Resources Elements in Land Development Regulations [December 11, 2018]
Chart showing component elements of Subdivisions, Master Plans, PUDs, and Site Plans [Dec 11, 2018]
Remaining PUD Project Elements Summary [November 27, 2018]
First Draft of City-wide Open Space Types [September 11, 2018]
Planned Unit Development board by Type of PUD [May 8, 2018]

Master Plan Update Memo and Detailed Outline [May 8, 2018]

Side-by-Side Comparisons of PUDs, Master Plans, and Subdivisions under DRAFT outline [April 1, 2018]
Side-by-Side Comparison of PUDs, Master Plans, and Subdivisions under Current Regulations [April 1 2018]
Illustrative Examples of PUD Street Types, Open Space Types, and Building Types [February 13, 2018]
Project Update, timeline, and first draft mapping of PUD applicability [January 23, 2018]

Project Update Memo & Developer Feedback [Sept 26 2017]
Progress Report  & Proposed Siting Considerations July 7, 2017
Master Plan Considerations, PUD Land Use Allocations, and Density/Intensity Allocations May 18, 2017
LDR Amendments: Draft Outline March 22, 2017
Phase II Kickoff Meeting memo January 18, 2017
Phase I Final Report August 2016

For more information about this project, please contact Cathyann LaRose, City Planner, at (802) 846-4106 or