Land Development Regulation Draft Amendments

The Planning Commission and City Council are in the process of reviewed several proposed amendments to the Land Development Regulations. See the chart below for the status of each. Public Hearing notices are listed below the table.

  LDR #  Description   Status For Council Hearing (Approved by PC) 
For Planning Commission Hearing  PC Report   
LDR-19-01  Eliminate minimum parking requirements for all uses citywide except multi-family housing and accessory dwelling units, for which parking requirements are to be reduced Adopted 2019-10-07 LDR-19-01 for CC Hearing LDR-19-01 for PC Hearing  Report  
 LDR-19-02  Amend transfer of development rights requirements to be consistent with enabling statutes Adopted  2019-09-16 LDR-19-02 for CC Hearing LDR-19-02 for PC Hearing  Report   
LDR-19-03  Establish Citywide River Corridor Overlay District and make minor modifications to the Flood Plain Overlay District  Adopted  2019-09-16 
LDR-19-03 for CC Hearing LDR-19-03 for PC Hearing Report   
LDR-19-04  Eliminate duplicative surface water protection standards for land within 150’ of Lake Champlain and allowances for expansion of pre-existing structures within 100’ of Potash Brook within Queen City Park Zoning District Adopted  2019-09-16  LDR-19-04 for CC Hearing LDR-19-04 for PC Hearing Report  
LDR-19-05  Administrative Amendments: Authorize Administrative Officer to approve minor field changes to site plans & allow for a joint administrative approval & zoning permit; minor technical corrections Adopted  2019-09-16  LDR-19-05 for CC Hearing  LDR-19-05 for PC Hearing Report  
LDR-19-06 Modify table of open space types (Appendix F) and applicability in the City Center Form Based Code District PC referred to FBC Committee after hearing 2019-08-13    LDR-19-06 for PC Hearing Report  
LDR-19-07 Modify landscaping requirements for parking areas with solar canopies citywide Under review by Planning Commission        
LDR-19-08 Reduce first story minimum window heights and establish privacy standards in FBC T4 District Adopted 2019-11-08 LDR 19-08 for CC Hearing LDR-19-08 for PC Hearing Report   
 LDR-19-09  Modify City Center Open Space locational criteria and options Adopted 2019-11-08 LDR-19-09 for CC Hearing  LDR-19-09 for PC Hearing  Report   
LDR-19-10  Allow greater proportion of Landscaping Budget to be used off-site and to be used for hardscapes in FBC district Adopted 2019-11-08 LDR-19-10 for CC Hearing  LDR-19-10 for PC Hearing  Report  
LDR-19-11  Reduce size of reserved width for future buildings in FBC T4 and T5 Districts Adopted 2019-11-08 LDR-19-11 for CC Hearing LDR-19-11 for PC Hearing  Report  
LDR-19-12  Modify Upper Story Glazing Standards in FBC T4 and T5 Districts Adopted 2019-11-08 LDR-19-12 for CC Hearing  LDR-19-12 for PC Hearing  Report  
LDR-19-13A  Modify existing Inclusionary Zoning requirements and extend applicability to include all lands that underline the Transit Overlay District, all lands within the City Center Form Based Code District, and all lands in the vicinity of Hinesburg Road and Old Farm Road that are north of I-89 and are outside the Transit Overlay District. Planning Commission Public Hearing 2019-12-10   LDR-19-13A For PC Hearing Report  
LDR-19-13B LDR-19-13B: Modify Affordable Housing Density Bonus standards as follows: (1) reduce applicable area to only those areas not subject to proposed Inclusionary Zoning standards [LDR-19-13A], and; (2) adjust requirements for income eligibility and continued affordability for all remaining parts of the City. Planning Commission Public Hearing 2019-12-10   LDR-19-13B For PC Hearing  Report  
LDR-19-14 Expand allowances for Cultural Facilities, Indoor Theaters, Artist Production Studios, and Community Centers within C1-R15, C1-R12, and C1-Auto Zoning Districts  Adopted 2019-11-08 LDR-19-14 for CC Hearing LDR-19-14 for PC Hearing  Report  

Public Hearing Notices:

Input on any of all of these amendments is welcome and encouraged. You can provide feedback by attending the hearing or by reaching out to Cathyann LaRose, City Planner, at or at 575 Dorset Street, South Burlington, VT 05403. We're also happy to answer any questions over the phone or in person; our number is (802) 846-4106