Administrative Services

Professional Conduct

pro_conductProfessional Conduct refers to conduct by our employees, both in a positive manner and the negative.  Our agency wants to be as transparent as possible in our mission of providing services to our community.  We rely on receiving feedback from those we encounter so that we can better ourselves.  Please visit the information we have posted regarding the conduct of our employees by clicking on the link above.

We are confident in our officer's ability to be professional and perform their duties in a skilled, neutral, and timely fashion, but we need help in relaying this message to them.  WE ENCOURAGE OUR COMMUNITY TO LET US KNOW WHEN OUR OFFICER'S MEET YOUR NEEDS AND PROVIDE EXCELLENT SERVICE SO WE CAN GIVE THE WELL DESERVING PAT ON THE BACK.

We also recognized that our officer can make mistakes, provide the wrong impression, or leave a constituent with an uneasy feeling.  If you feel that an officer or other employee has, in some way, did a disservice to the community or you, we need to hear that also.  Again, we encourage our community and those we encounter to contact us if you feel an officer has violated a law or exhibited unprofessional conduct.

We always act on the information that is provided, however require complaints to be in writing.  You may certainly begin your complaint by contacting any supervisor at the police department by phone, however ask that you begin your complaint process as soon after the incident as possible.  Most often, you will contact the Officer in Charge when you call and he/she can take your initial information.  As long as complaints are not anonymous and are accompanied by a sworn written statement, they will be thoroughly investigated and we will stay in contact with you throughout the process.

For the Officer in Charge - 846-4111
For the Patrol Lieutenants - 846-4184 or 846-4634
For the Support Services Lieutenant - 846-4195
For either the Chief of Police or Deputy Chief, call 846-4165