Records Department

The Records unit is comprised of two clerks whose role is to support the entire agency in organizing and administering all agency records.  The unit stores all active criminal cases referred to the courts as well as the, archived physical records, and all automated records housed within the records management system.  Our clerks are the primary conduit for information being transferred from/to our department and all other criminal justice agencies it works with.

The two clerks are responsible for entering data surrounding criminal arrest cases, traffic enforcement, traffic crashes, and National Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS) data.  Up until now, our dispatch staff and officers supplement the data entry and report preparation responsibilities necessary to keep the records management system up to date.  Alternative methods are being developed to free officers and our communications staff from having to do these tasks as their areas of responsibility have become too busy.

NIBRS is the system of statistical reporting that we are mandated by state law to report so that our crime statistics are documented for the state and federal government.  As our web site continues to grow, it is our desire to post certain information about our local community on our site and keep it updated for community viewing.

Our agency complies with the public information laws of our state and as such, our records unit is responsible to ensure that those records that are public are released when requested, but an even greater responsibility is that of ensuring the confidentiality of those records that need protecting.

Records Department - Phone Number

Report Fees
Incident Reports
$10.00 each

Accident Reports
$10.00 each

$45.00 each