Paving Plan

Summer 2018 Paving List


  1. Airport Parkway: Berard Drive to Ethan Allen Drive
  2. Birch Court: Simpson Court to house #9
  3. Brewer Parkway
  4. Butler Drive: 116 to Marcy Street back to 116
  5. Clover Street
  6. Country Club Drive East
  7. Cranwell Avenue
  8. Dorset Street: Foulsham Hollow Road to Cider Mill Drive
  9. Dorset Street: Williston Road to Market Street
  10. Joy Drive
  11. Kimball Avenue
  12. Lime Kiln Road
  13. Myers Court
  14. Nowland Farm Road: Spear Street to Pinnacle Drive
  15. Patchen Road: I-89 bridge to Burlington boundary
  16. Pinnacle Drive: Nowland Farm Road to Spear Street
  17. Simpson Court
  18. Spear Street: Pheasant Way to Shelburne boundary
  19. Swift Street Extension: Dorset Street to Park entrance
  20. Tanglewood Drive
  21. Timber Lane
  22. Van Sicklen Road
  23. Woodland Place
Here is a map of our summer 2018 paving projects.