Affordable Housing Committee

The Affordable Housing Committee is responsible for advising the City Council on policy related to housing in South Burlington.


The Committee expects to meet at least monthly at City Hall, 575 Dorset Street.  From time to time the date and location may change; prior to attending a meeting verify the date and locations on the South Burlington Meetings & Events page prior to meetings.  The South Burlington calendar is also available from the City's home page. 

Agendas and Minutes:
Our repository for committee documents has changed. To access all city meeting documents, click here.
All meeting Agendas and Minutes for the South Burlington Affordable Housing Committee are located here.


Name   Term
Todd Rawlings    2020
Larry Michaels    2020
Sandy Dooley, Vice-Chair    2022
Mike Simoneau    2022
John Simson, Chair    2022
Tom Bailey    2021
Paula DeMichele    2021
CIndy Reid    2020
Leslie Black-Plumeau    2021

The Affordable Housing Commitee has compiled some resources that you may find useful.
2013 Affordable Housing Annual Report