South Burlington Energy Committee

Council Charge

The charge of the South Burlington Energy Committee is to promote energy conservation, energy efficiency, and the use of renewable energy resources among the city's residents, businesses, and in municipal affairs. The committee aims to assist the city in addressing the goals "to promote energy efficiency, affordable energy, and lessen our reliance (per capita) on non-renewable energy resources" [chapter XVI of the City's Comprehensive Plan, amended and readopted March 9, 2011].


The Committee regularly meets from 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. generally in the Community Room on the second floor of 19 Gregory Drive  (South Burlington Police Station, middle entrance) on the second Thursday of the month.  From time to time the date and location may change; prior to attending a meeting verify the date and locations on the South Burlington weekly meeting warning available from the City's Upcoming Meetings page under weekly warnings.

All meeting Agendas and Minutes for the South Burlington Energy Committee are posted on Clerkbase under South Burlington "Boards and Committees". See also Agendas & Minutes prior to 2015.

A major initiative of the Committee is the Energy Prize - learn more about it on the Energy Prize website.


Name   Term
Keith Epstein, Vice-Chair   3 years - 2019
Andrew Chalnick   3 years - 2021
Patty Tashiro   3 years - 2020
Marcy Murray   3 years - 2019
Sam Swanson      3 years - 2020
Linda McGinnis, Chair   3 years - 2020
Tim Perrin   3 years - 2021
Karen McKenny   3 years - 2019
Donald Cummings   3 years - 2018
Fred Kosnitsky   3 years - 2019
VACANT   3 year   - 2021

Committee Staff

Ilona Blanchard, 802-846-4107

Energy Prize 2