Natural Resources Committee

UVM LANDS Program Partnership:  Dorset Park Natural Area (Calkins Property) Management Study

In the Summer of 2009, the City of South Burlington worked with the University of Vermont’s LANDS Internship program to prepare a management study of the Dorset Park Natural Area. The LANDS crew included two leaders and a team of 9 undergraduate-level interns. The team was asked to answer a series of specific questions related to walking trails, wildlife habitat, invasive plant species, and water quality in the area. Download the Program’s final report from the bottom of this page. For more information about the LANDS program, click here

The Natural Resource Committee is currently examining the findings and recommendations of this report and examining next steps.

UVM PLACE Program Partnership:  Leduc Farm Study

In the Winter of 2009, the City,  South Burlington School District, and Common Roots organization worked with the University of Vermont’s PLACE program to examine the Leduc Farm Property.  

The PLACE (Place-based Landscape Analysis and Community Education) Program provides local residents with a forum for exploring and understanding the natural and cultural history of their town landscape. Working directly with local schools, town commissions, historical societies, and conservation organizations, PLACE staff members develop an integrated series of presentations, field trips, workshops, and visioning forums designed to celebrate and honor a town’s cultural heritage and ecological potential.

Click here for more information and web-based findings, or download the program’s final report from the bottom of this page.


   NAME                                               3-year terms
 Laura Williams  2020
 Betty Milizia  2018
 Katie Kain  2019
 Melissa Cuke  2018
 Kristin Williams  2019
 Gwen Kozlowski  2019
 Lindsay Bryce  2020
 David Crawford  2020
 Lisa Yankowski  2018