Agendas & Minutes

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Meeting_minutesIn our commitment to green practices, we utilize a digital document management service called Laserfiche. This repository holds all Agendas, Meeting Minutes, Draft Minutes, and Resolutions for South Burlington City Council meetings, and many of the Cities Committees.  Each agenda or set of minutes contains direct access (via hyperlink) to any additional information provided for a specific item. You can view all City Council documents here

City Council Meetings
January 13, 2020*       Agenda       Minutes       Audio 1  2        
January 21, 2020    Agenda   Minutes     Audio 1  2 3    
January 22, 2020*    Agenda   Minutes         
February 3, 2020    Agenda   Minutes    Audio 1    
February 11, 2020*    Agenda   Draft Minutes     Audio 1    
February 18, 2020    Agenda   Minutes     Audio 1    
March 2, 2020**    Agenda   Draft Minutes         
March 9, 2020 *    Agenda   Draft Minutes         
March 16, 2020    Agenda   Draft Minutes        
March 23, 2020*    Agenda   Draft Minutes        

*- Special Meeting
**- Joint Meeting with the School Board

Previous Years Agenda, Packet and Minutes