City Council Resolutions

           Resolutions are formal decisions by the city council to do or not do some act on the behalf of the city within the council’s authority. These include a wide range of topics such as resolutions to purchase or convey real estate, enter into contracts, form an advisory committee, adopt a policy, take a formal position, or authorize the City Manager or other agent of the city to take some action on its behalf.  

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2019-12 Amending the Capital Improvement Program for FY 2021-2030 12-16-2019
2019-11 Designating month of October 2019 as S.B. Domestic Violence Awareness month 9-16-2019
2019-10 Irrevocably rejecting 1998 offer of dedication and warranty deed for Community 9-3-2019
2019-9 Authorizing use of City Infrastructure 9-3-2019
2019-8 Grant Agreement for funding under the VT Community Development Program 7-1-2019
2019-7A Katie O'Brien Public Art Appreciation Day 6-17-2019
2019-7 Burlington International Airport Noise Compatibility Plan 6-17-2019
2019-6                       Strongly opposing the basing of any Nuclear Weapons in So. Burlington                   5-20-2019
2019-5  Join the Champlain Valley Conservation Partnership  5-20-2019
2019-4  Electrical Vehicle Supply Equipment Grant Program   4-15-2019
2019-3  Clarify the City's position on Limitations to Municipal & School use of Net-   4-1-2019
  Metering Credits  
2019-2                  Legislative Body relating to a Money Purchase Plan  3-18-2019
2019-1  Create an Energy Project Reserve Fund  1-22-2019 
2018-20     Amending the Capital Improvement Program for FY 2020-2029                           12-17-2018 
2018-19A       Create a Recreation and Parks Foundation Reserve Fund  12-3-2018
2018-19                     Establish the S.B. public safety management group for enrollment in the  12-3-2018
  Vermont municipal employees' retirement system   
2018-18 Incurring bonded debt for a new municipal building and related improvements         9-6-2018
  in the City Center Tax Increment Financing District   
2018-17  Incurring bonded debt for Kennedy Drive stormwater pond #3  9-6-2018 
2018-16  Zoning Administrative Officer Raymond Belair  8-6-2018 
2018-15  Library Board endorses concept and programmatic plan for a new Library  7-12-2018 
  City Hall and Senior Center   
2018-14A  Establish a Dog Park Committee  6-4-2018
2018-14  Awarding contracts to construct, inspect and complete engineering on Market  6-4-2018 
2018-13  Recognizing & Honoring service by Fire Chief Douglas Brent  6-4-2018 
2018-12  Establish an Economic Development Committee composed of residents  5-7-2018 
2018-11  Renaming and confirming the establishment of a Municipal Library  5-7-2018 
2018-10  Relating to Deputy Chief of Police Paul A. Edwards  5-7-2018 
2018-9  City Council in solidarity with the cities of Burlington and Winooski regarding  4-16-2018 
  replacing the F-35A with a safe and quiet aircraft   
2018-8  In Memoriam: Recognizing & Honoring the service of Patricia Nowak  4-16-2018 
2018-7 Amending City Council's preferred street typical for Garden Street 4-2-2018
2018-6 The City Manager to negotiate and sign a contract with CLD/Fuss & O'Neill 4-2-2018
  to design & engineer the Williston Road Streetscape Project  
2018-5 Awarding a contract for wayfinding sign fabrication and installation services 2-20-2018
  for city parks  
2018-4 Incurring bonded debt for infrastructure improvements to Bartlett Bay 1-16-2018
  WWTF system  
2018-3 VCDP (Vermont Community Development Program) grant application 1-16-2018
2018-2 Accepting right of way for the Market Street reconstruction project 1-16-2018
2018-1 Land exchange between the City of South Burlington & Barrett Park LLC 1-2-2018