PUBLIC FORUM: White Street Bike Lanes

After years of meetings and planning, in June 2016 the "Chamberlin Neighborhood Land Use and Transportation Plan" Final Report was approved by South Burlington City Council. Within this project were recommendations for bike lanes on Patchen Road, White Street and Airport Parkway as a short term (3 year) priority. Bike lanes have already been painted on Patchen Road in 2016 and Airport Parkway in 2019 but White Street remains. 

The hurdle to implementing the White Street bike lanes is the lack of a “no parking” restriction on the north side of the street, which exist on the south side of the street. This implies that parking is permitted on the north side. Bike lanes on White Street would also aid in “Safe Routes to School” initiatives with White Street being the main route to Chamberlin Elementary School.

The South Burlington Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee will be discussing the topic of possible bike lanes on both sides of the White Street at their regular monthly meeting on December 11th at 5:30 in the Green Mountain Room, South Burlington City Hall and would like to hear from all residents.

The committee will discuss the recommendations of the 2016 Chamberlin Neighborhood Study (find it at Then, a resolution to Council may be proposed to remove parking on the north side of White Street for the purpose of adding on-road bike lanes. No physical re-construction of the street would be proposed (it is already wide enough to accommodate this), simply striping the street and installing signs. 

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