Recreation Department Prepares for 24th Annual Valentine Dance

As the Recreation Team begins to check off the to do lists in preparation for the big dance, we pause to take in the longevity and evolution of this magical event and the memories that it holds for all those who have attended and hope that this tradition continues to provide opportunities for meaningful memories for years, and generations to come.  

The success of this event started from humble beginnings as previous Recreation Director, now Deputy City Manager, Tom Hubbard, developed the concept as a way to highlight the special bond between a daughter and her dad.  With a young daughter of his own, he knew how important it was to create space to foster this special relationship and to solidify that no matter how old she was or where her journey took her, she would always be his Valentine. 

The event quickly took hold and it wasn’t long before the event outgrew the space and had to be broken apart into two separate sessions; one for K-2 and the other 3rd-5th.  As the last song played and the girls came to get their bears and their candy at departure, it was clear the difference between these two experiences.  The younger group, often carried by the dads, were filled with smiles and pink cheeks from dancing the afternoon away, while the older group, often walking arm in arm, had tear stained cheeks as the realization that they were approaching the end of this magical night, this magical time tugged at their heartstring.  In response to multiple inquiries from 5th grade participants hoping to extend the age limit, we made accommodation to open the event up through 8th grade. With no room or space to add a third seating for older girls, the need for a different venue became apparent and the event went through its first major evolution.

The event hopped around to several South Burlington Hotels, before finding its home at the Sunset Ballroom off Shelburne Road.  The space is perfectly sized to accommodate all of our registrations, while at the same time is intimate enough to wrap its arms around the love and joy that bustles from within.  While the original location and title of the dance have changed (it is no longer called the Father Daughter Valentine Dance) the intent of the event remains the same; to create a special time and space to share and celebrate the special bond of a child and the parent/guardian/mentor that support them.

Registration is currently open for this year’s event that will be held on Saturday February 8th 6:00-8:30. This event takes advanced planning to ensure a magical experience for each participant, so pre-registration is required and no tickets will be sold at the door. We hope you will consider making this special event part of your family tradition.

Click here to register for this event as tickets are not sold at the door.