Senior Spotlight: Meet Millie and Joan

Meet Mille Estey and Joan Eldridge!

Each week a group of our own South Burlington Seniors gather together to share in good company, good food and enriching entertainment through our Young At Heart Weekly Wednesday Program.  The program is comprised of a hearty and nutritious meal provided through Age Well, as well as a free program of entertainment ranging from bingo to trivia and everything in between.  A steady group of about 25 participants, there is always a need to have extra hands on deck to support set up, check in and clean up and we are so thankful that we have both Joan and Millie at the helm.   When you arrive, you will be greeted by Joan’s gentle smile at the registration table.  She will ensure that your paperwork is completed and that you meal account is whole before signing you up for the following week. She is always has a wealth of information on senior programming offered through Age Well and through the Recreation and Parks Department.  You will find her friendly, genuine and very welcomingJ  Once settled, you will likely be greeted by Millie who is often found bustling around placing salt and pepper shakers on tables as she takes coffee orders and finishes the final parts of set up.  Millie is a wealth of historical knowledge, as she is one of the last remaining members who attend the weekly meals, that was part of the original South Burlington Senior Club.  Millie is always ensuring that everyone that attends is engaged, has fun and is well informed of additional opportunities.  Without the help and support of these amazing women, we could not put on a successful meal program week in and week out.  Please join in celebrating and thanking these women as you see them around town. 

Interested in learning more?  Our meal and program calendars are updated monthly and can be found in The Other Paper, SoBu Weekly as well as on our website.  Have an idea for something you would like to see?  Drop us a line.  Recreation and Parks staff member, Andrea Leo, would love to hear from you and is always looking for fresh ideas and always welcomes new comers to the program.  She can be reached by calling 846-4108, or you can email her directly at  We hope that you will consider joining this program or add your name to the volunteer list!