The 2020-2021 City Municipal budget is Article III on the City ballot. Absentee voting is open until Monday, March 2 at noon at City Hall. Pre-Town Meeting will be at 7 pm that same day at the FH Tuttle Middle School and will include a presentation on the proposed budget. 

Tuesday, March 3, voting will open in the following locations from 7 am - 7 pm. 
  • • District 7-1: Orchard School
  • • District 7-2: Middle School
  • • District 7-3: Middle School
  • • District 7-4: Chamberlin School

General Fund Key Numbers
2.98% increase in tax rate over last year

Cost to a property owner
Condo Owner                                 (avg. value of $234,724) 
$37.56 annually  /  $3.13 monthly
Detached Primary Residence       (avg. value of $340,959)
$54.55 annually  / $4.55 monthly

Tax Levy (raised by property taxes)

The General Fund receives revenue from a variety of sources, including grants, fees, and property taxes. Approximately 36% of the revenue comes from sources other than property taxes.
Municipal Services Provided
Services include police, recreation & parks (maintenance, events), library, fire & rescue, planning & zoning, city clerk, public works (street maintenance, plowing, traffic signals & street lights.)

Key Components
• Sensitivity toward any tax rate increase
• Maintain current level of service
• Meet all contractual obligations
• Meet all bonded debt obligations
• Support for the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)
• Fund annual assessments & support to other entities
• Continued support for City Council initiatives

Learn more in the winter/spring issue of SoBu Life Magazine. For a copy of the budget, find it here.