Tropical Storm Isaias

Tropical Storm IsiasPer the National Weather Service, the State of Vermont remains under a flash flood warning. Latest predictions are for more significant impacts for Wind and Flash flood Warnings from Central Vt – North to include the Champlain Valley.

Rain fall predictions currently are 1-4” of rain with potential 5” in localized areas. There is some potential for tornado activity in our region. Winds in Northern and Northwestern sections of the State predicted for 35-40 Mph, possible gusts to 50 MPH.
Winds for southern/eastern sections 50-60 MPH. Time line for this activity is 4:00 pm today (8/4) through midnight tonight. The storm should exit the area by 8:00 am Weds (8/5).

Please take a few minutes to review your personal and family emergency plans. There are likely to be scattered power outages, so please make the necessary arrangements. DO NOT drive through flooded areas as you don’t know if the road surface is intact. Remember: Don’t drown-turn around!

This is a significant, and dynamic system. Please be diligent and continue to monitor the weather.

Check the current status at the National Weather Service in Burlington, VT