A Smooth Ride at Overlook Park

The pavement at Overlook Park on Spear Street has been replaced. You can now smoothly drive in, park your car, and take in the view of the lake and Adirondacks.

Additional improvements are planned for the park.
  • The central planting garden will receive an uplift.
  • The large evergreen trees that you see looking to the west will be removed to open up the view. Then, new plantings will be installed with a lower growth height. 
Looking for a quiet beautiful setting to drink your morning coffee, eat your lunch, or just take a moment to take in the awesome view of Lake Champlain and the Adirondacks?  Overlook Park is a great place to visit!

No matter the season or weather, the view is spectacular. 
OverlookPark10 017
In fall, you can take in display of foliage.

Overlook Park with bench
There are plenty of places to sit and enjoy the warm weather.

Overlook Park - cloudy summer day
Watch Mother Nature put on a show in the sky. You can watch the clouds pass over and on a stormy day, you can watch the rain and clouds over the lake.

For directions to the park, visit the Overlook Park page.