Transmission Received.  Over.

Thanks to the $1.1 million communications bond approved last fall, public safety radio communication in South Burlington has taken a giant leap forward. 

New radios, new tower receivers, and the cutting-edge technology behind the equipment is in place. The upgrade has improved the quality and strength of radio communication. No longer are the common words “I didn’t get that. Please repeat,” being uttered. Communications_dish

“We have an increased coverage area and our transmissions are clearer. This ensures that emergency responders receive accurate information the first time-saving precious seconds,” reports fire chief Doug Brent who leads emergency services for the City.

Every vehicle within Police, Fire, EMS, and Public Works has been equipped, as well as individual radios for each team member. Designed specifically for emergency responders, the radios are a huge improvement. Firefighters with gloves can better operate the knobs. The radios are capable of expanding to the systems of neighboring communities. And, every emergency responder can rely on clear, accurate transmissions.