Closing the Gaps

Work is in progress at the "Jug Handle" between Spear Street and East Terrace to close the gap in the sidewalk connecting the two.  This project is possible due to the Penny for Paths funding, which leverages pennies to invest $3 million on improved Bike/Ped infrastructure in the City.

This project will increase the safety of this complicated intersection of roads for both bicyclists and pedestrians. Connecting the edge of the UVM campus, across Spear Street to East Terrace, the new sidewalk is being installed by our Department of Public Works highway team. 

The 5' wide concrete sidewalk is being installed this week. It is approximately 400' long and being constructed in 50' sections.  Electrical work has been completed to install bollard lighting along the path and will illuminate the path at night. An existing catch basin is being moved and 5 trees will be replaced. 

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Jug Handle - path prepJug Handle - frameworkpouring_concrete_9-17-2020

 Laying concrete - jug handleJH_3



Penny for Paths
In August 2018, residents voted to designate one penny (one cent) on the tax rate for bike and pedestrian infrastructure throughout the City. Leveraging these pennies, approximately $3 million dollars will be used to invest in closing the gaps in sidewalks, bike lanes, shared use paths, and crosswalks.

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