SBRP Fall Soccer

                What does community mean to you? For me, nothing shows community more than our Saturday morning soccer program. Families rushing up from the parking lot to check in and get to their fields as fast as possible, chatter of friends yapping about how their weeks have been going, laughter from young and old as we all kick around an inflated ball – this is what makes me smile and makes me feel like a part of this community.

                The 2020 soccer season has brought along some new challenges. However, our community has come together in a tremendous way to meet these obstacles. This has allowed us to create a safe and fun environment for all involved. I want to thank everyone for adhering to all the new rules we must manage. Running around in a mask isn’t easy, but I’m glad we aren’t stuck inside!

                Lastly, our program does not get off the ground without volunteer coaches. It is because of them that we get to experience all that our Saturday morning soccer brings. We are so incredibly lucky to have wonderful people step up and coach our young athletes. Thank you coaches!