Annual Meeting - Ballot Results

The results are in!  With nearly 3,400 registered voters casting ballots, we have the results of today's Annual Meeting.

City Council Seats
Helen Riehle—relected to a 3 year term
Meaghan Emery—relected to a 2 year term

School Board Seats
Elizabeth Fitzgerald—relected to a 3 year term
Bridget Burkhardt—relected to a 2 year term

City Articles:
Article II:  City Budget $53.4 million; $15.3 million raised by property taxes.  PASSED
Article III: Bartlett Bay Wastewater Treatment Facility Improvement Bond of $2.98 million.  PASSED
Article IV:  Create a Union Municipal District called Chittendent County Publice Safety Authority. PASSED

School Articles
Article II: School Budget of $49.7 million.   PASSED
Article III: Capital Improvement Bond of $950,500.  PASSED

Download the detail of results.