City Center Park

Grand Opening - August 15 at 4 pm!

You are invited to join the City Council for the grand opening of City Center Park on August 15 at 4 PM.  Festivities will begin at the Barrett Street entrance with the event expanding throughout the park.  Fun for kids & adults!

Vision for City Center Park:

Provide access to a natural area park for discovery, contemplation and exercise for residents and employees of City Center and surrounding neighborhoods.

Quick Facts:

mapThe 7.65 acre Dumont parcel has been envisioned as a City Center park for several decades, most recently in the TIF District Plan. Construction financing was authorized with TIF District financing by a positive vote from the community on November 8, 2016 and construction began in the fall of 2017.  The park is scheduled to be completed by summer 2018. 

History & Location

Over thirty years ago, the City purchased 7.65 acre parcel of land from the Dumont Construction Company (the developers of the neighborhood between City Center and the middle school). This parcel is adjacent to the Potash Brook tributary 3 and associated wetlands (located on private property).  The purchase was with the intent to create a park. 


What is the schedule? 

  • Phase Five:  Construction (Current Phase) - Opening planned for Summer 2018!

  • Phase Four:  Final Plans

  • Phase Two:  Plan Set Development 
    Refine and detail design so that it conforms to all environmental and engineering requirements. 

  • Phase One:  Project Definition (complete) 

Preferred Alternative Resolution Adopted in April 2015 and based on the project definition report, this approved design concept includes circulation, park boundaries, and property acquisition.

Project Definition Report This report details the work and community input; provides analysis of the alternatives; and recommended a preferred alternative.

Project Alternatives Several alternatives were produced and presented to the public and stakeholders, and tested against the Purpose and Need Statement.

Purpose and Need Statement Adopted by Planning Commission. 

 More info or have a thought you would like to share with the Project Team?

Contact Ashley Parker, Project Manager, at 802-846-4146.