Penny for Paths Initiative

Connecting the City's Bicycle & Pedestrian Gaps
     About the Penny for Paths Initiative -

     In August of 2018, residents voted to designate one penny (one cent) on
     the tax rate for bike and pedestrian path infrastructure throughout the City. 
     We will be able to leverage the pennies to spend approximately $3 million
     in improved infrastructure.

     City staff has been working with members of the Bicycle and Pedestrian
     Committee to identify and prioritize bike and pedestrian infrastructure projects. 
     During the last round of Capital Improvement Planning (CIP) and budgeting,
     projects falling onto the Bicycle & Pedestrian Committee project list also found
     their way onto a new Bike/Ped Improvement CIP list.  This will assist the City
     in planning and budgeting for these projects over the course of the Penny for
     Paths lifecycle, and beyond.  To date, some of these projects are now in the
     design and engineering phase, while others are pending supplemental funding
     (i.e.: grants).

    Active Penny for Paths Projects -
    Active Penny for Paths Projects include those projects that are currently undergoing design and/or engineering. 
       Each project 
description will be updated as the projects move through design and into construction.  If you have any
       questions about these 
or  other Penny for Paths related projects, please contact Ashley Parker, City Project
       Manager, at:

The "Jug Handle" Sidewalk Project -

 Project Location - 
This project is located within the Jug     
  Handle between Spear Street and East
  Terrace, just East of the residential halls
  on the UVM Campus and just south of
  Route 2/Main Street.



 Project Overview - 
Existing infrastructure is unsafe for users, as it places
  pedestrians on a busy street.  The project will involve
  the design and construction of a 5' wide concrete sidewalk
  connecting pedestrians more safely across the Jug Handle.

  It will include the installation of bollard lighting, narrowing
  of the ramp to East Terrace for traffic calming, alignment of
  crosswalks, movement of an existing catch basin, and the
  replacement of 5 trees.

The Upper Allen Road Shared Use Path - More Info Coming Soon!

The Aiport Parkway Sidewalk & On-Road Bike Lanes - More Info Coming Soon!
Phase I: Between Kirby Road & Berard Drive

The Shared Use Path along the South End of Dorset Street - More Info Coming Soon!

Penny for Paths Project List - 

The Penny for Paths project list is constantly being reviewed and updated.  If you have any questions or project ideas, please contact Ashley Parker, City Project Manager at:; or share them with the Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee.