Dorset Street 'Gap' Shared Use Path Project

Shared Use Path along the south end of Dorset Street
Project Location - 
The Dorset Street 'Gap' shared use path project is a 0.7 mile long gap between existing bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure located between the Old Cross Road/Nowland Farm Road intersection and Sadie Lane in South Burlington.

Project Overview/Purpose - 
South Burlington has 24 miles of shared use path that are used year round.  With the exception of the 0.7 mile gap this project is focused on, the South Burlington Dorset Street Shared Use Path runs for approximately 4 miles from its northern terminus at Williston Road, through City Center, past the Middle & High School, past several churches, past Vet Memorial Park and Wheeler Nature Park, and an increasingly growing number of neighborhoods.

This project will close the 0.7 mile gap by creating a 10 foot wide paved shared use path along a section of Dorset Street that does not have bike lanes or a shoulder that is safely accessible to users.  Currently, the Dorset Street shared use path is connected to almost all other branches of the City's path network, and it is South Burlington's main connector path for bikers and pedestrians.  Closing this gap will also provide safe pedestrian and bicycle access to the immediate area's only commercial businesses, including the Mill Market & Deli.  Once completed, the new shared use path will give residents and commuters the ability to reach businesses and restaurants off Shelburne Road, medical facilities off Hinesburg Road at Tilley Drive, City Center, the businesses and restaurants off Williston Road, as well as City schools and parks.  It will give the City an opportunity to become less dependent on cars by providing better access for residents of all ages to conduct daily business by foot or bicycle.

Project Status - 
In January of 2020, the City released a Request for Qualifications for this project, and submissions were due January 27, 2020.  City staff received five Statements of Qualifications and formed a Selection Committee to rank them.  Stantec was the firm that received the most total points by the Selection Committee, and the Selection Committee then recommended that the City Council authorize the negotiation and signature of a contract with Stantec for this project.  The City Council then approved the authorization of the City Manager to negotiate and sign an agreement with Stantec in February of 2020.

The project is currently in the design and engineering phase.  City staff kicked this project off with other project team members (including Stantec and VTrans) in April of 2020.  A project survey has been initiated to gather 'on-the-ground' information about the project site that will be incorporated into the overall design. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has slowed the project a bit, but staff hopes to get 30% designs put together and move the project along as possible.  This will include additional field work and the initiating of any permits needed.

Project Funding - 
In November of 2019, the City accepted a grant for federal funding of $661,000 to design and construct the project.  The City will be providing a match of $165,400.  The match will be comprised of funds from both the City's Penny for Paths fund and available Rec Impact Fees.

Project Questions - 
All project questions can be sent to Ashley Parker, City Project Manager, at: