Bid & RFP Opportunities

The City of South Burlington issues Requests for Proposals/Qualifications and Bids for City projects as part of our competitive procurement process. Materials must be addressed and delivered as directed in each request, call or notice.  Any materials not submitted by the specified due date and time will not be accepted, and considered disqualified.


Date of Issuance: February 9, 2024
Submission Deadline: March 8, 2024 by 1:00 pm

The City of South Burlington is accepting bids for landscaping work in the City Center / Market Street area and in Szymanski Park (accessed off of Andrews Avenue). All bids shall be accepted by Adam Cate via email ( or paper submissions will be accepted at the South Burlington Department of Public Works Building at 104 Landfill Rd, South Burlington, VT 05403 prior to 1:00 PM March 8, 2024. Emailed submissions shall include a subject line of “South Burlington Landscaping Contract”. Paper bids shall be submitted in a sealed envelope and marked on the outside with the words “South Burlington Landscaping Contract”. All bids must be submitted on the bid form included with this Request for Bids. No lines on the bid form may be left blank. Failure to submit bids on time or on the required forms may be cause for rejection of the bid.

South Burlington Landscaping Contract Request for Bids


Permitting and Inspection Software System

The City of South Burlington is seeking a vendor for the purpose of digitizing the City’s permitting, inspection, and related workflow system.

Date of Issue: February 26, 2024                          Proposal Deadline: March 29, 2024

Submissions emailed to:
Steven Locke, Deputy City Manager

Project Description - PRINT FULL DOCUMENT HERE

The City of South Burlington is seeking a vendor for the purpose of digitizing the City’s permitting, inspection, and related workflow system. South Burlington is a growing City of 20,000 residents, with a substantial employment base, and approximately 8,600 parcels.

The selected vendor package will allow a variety of permit applications to be submitted electronically, reviewed for completeness with varying degrees of automation, internally assigned and tracked to streamline review, allow for electronic payment, communication, permit issuance, and mobile inspections across a range of permit types and complexities. Applicants should be able to track progress, communicate with City staff, and receive notifications as appropriate. The system should also provide for robust public reporting capabilities and GIS integration.

The City presently largely tracks permits by individual spreadsheet, manages workflow and document control through the Office 365 environment; and uses Laserfiche as the document repository in most instances. The City maintains its parcels through ESRI ArcGIS. Separate software systems provide property assessment and other related services.
We anticipate approximately 15-18 regular users of the software and another 10-15 occasional users.

The City may invite one or more vendors for an interview and to update their proposals prior to final selection and refinement of the deliverables.

The City’s objectives are to:

  • Enhance customer service for residents and applicants interfacing with the City
  • Support seamless interdepartmental and applicant/reviewer interface
  • Implement software to reduce or eliminate manual workflow and tracking processes
  • Improve integration between applications and other systems

OPEN CALL TO ARTISTS:  Show in the Public Gallery at 180 Market Street

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE:  The City of South Burlington Curator is seeking artists interested in show work in the City's public gallery in the main hall at the South Burlington Public Library and City Hall.  Artists are sought to develop a full calendar of 4-6 shows per year.  This gallery is managed by the Public Art Committee and has no point of sale (artists may provide information for purchase at the Welcome Desk).  Please learn more and submit your interest in showing in the gallery here.

Due Date: Rolling; no deadline