Permits, Licenses and Registrations

Permits, Licenses and Registrations

From a one-day event to a new building, City staff are here to help make sure your permitting licensing and registration go smoothly.

Forms, regulations, and permits may not yet be online and forms and regulations change from time-to-time, so prior to submittal double check with the issuing office to ensure you are applying for everything your business needs.

Planning and Zoning

Reach out to the City’s Planning and Zoning Department with questions regarding regulations, fees, and forms, all of which are now online:
Development, Remodeling, Use and Occupancy, Building and Site Alterations 
Note that site alteration may include fences, enclosures, dumpsters and many other landscape features.

Fire Department

To protect your safety, and the public's, the City's Fire Marshal and Electrical Inspection service provide local and timely inspection services for fire, building code and electrical code compliance, including plans review and time of sale within the boundaries of South Burlington. Please call the Fire Department at (802) 846-4110 for more information. 

All   are available online.  These include construction, electrical, tents, kitchen hood installation, and more!
Permit Applications

Clerk's Office

The Clerk’s Office processes approvals for permits related to road closures and public eventsCity Clerk Office staff, located in City Hall, are available to answer questions, call 802-846-4105.

Liquor Licenses are obtained from the Vermont Department of Liquor Control. However, the City will also need to approve the license.  Apply to the State for your license well in advance of the date you need it for and provide all the information required.

Police Department

Did you know? If you have a security alarm, you are required by the City to register it with the City Police Department annually (yes! every year).

Security Alarm Registration

Public Works

The Department of Public Works issues  permits for excess weight single vehicles and fleets, as well as to open street or highway right of ways owned by the City. Contact Public Works, located at 104 Landfill Road at 802-658-7961 with any questions. 

Public Works Permit Application Forms