Board of Abatement

The Board of Abatement are all elected officials of the City of South Burlington and derive their charges from State Law. The Board of Abatement meets to consider requests for abatement of taxes for various reasons outlined in the book About Abatements

The Board does not meet on a regular basis but attempts to keep its meetings to one in the late winter and one in the fall as requests are received.

The Board of Abatement is comprised of the five City Council members, fifteen Justice of Peace members, and the City Clerk. The Justices of the Peace are up for re-election in November in even number years, and the Clerk is elected every 3 years. The current members include:

Justices of the Peace and City Clerk:

Chris Shaw, Chair
Jessica Quinn, Vice-Chair
Laura Benner
Albert Gross
Barbara Gross
Sheldon Katz
Donna Kinville
Jason Kirchick              
Maurice Mahoney
Pat Mahoney
Jacob Martinez
Chris Trombly
Margaret Sunderland
Lynn Vera
Cecile Wagner

Holly Rees, City Clerk | 802-846-4119
 (All Justice of the Peace members were elected in November 2022 & Holly Rees (appointed clerk, will be up for election in March 2027)
Council members:
Andrew Chalnick - Term ends 2026
Elizabeth Fitzgerald - Term ends 2025  
Laurie Smith - Term ends 2027     
Mike Scanlan - Term ends 2026  
Tim Barritt - Term ends 2025

If you wish to contact the Board of Abatement, please contact Holly Rees or call at 802-846-4119 or send a letter to:

         South Burlington Board of Abatement
         c/o Holly Rees, City Clerk
         180 Market Street
          South Burlington, VT 05403