Civil Marriage Licenses

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South Burlington City Hall is closed effective Monday, November 16 but the City Clerk's office will be working behind the scenes but with a much reduced staff and limited hours. If you are looking to get married, fill out this form and call the office at 846-4105 to find out which email account to use to submit the completed form.  If you are looking for a certified copy of your marriage certificate, please call 846-4105 to give us the information.  Once we complete either the marriage license or certified copy, we will set up a time to meet you outdoors to exchange the license or certified copy for your payment.  If you use a credit card it must be submitted at the time of the request, otherwise cash or check are the accepted payments at pickup.

Thank you for your understanding during these difficult time and stay well.

For information on the laws of the State of Vermont in reference to civil marriages licenses, please read the information sheet.

You may obtain a civil marriage license from the City of South Burlington if the following apply:

  1. One of the parties is a South Burlington resident or if neither party to be married lives in the State of Vermont
  2. The civil marriage will take place within 60 days of the license being issued
  3. The civil marriage ceremony will take place in the State of Vermont
  4. Any prior marriage or civil union that was dissolved due to a divorce and has passed the date for the marriage to be legally dissolved

A sample civil marriage application must be completed and signed by both parties before the license can be issued.  Once the form is complete, it must be brought in to the city clerk's office before the civil marriage can take place. The State of Vermont does not require that both parties come in to get the license but both must sign the application form. The Clerk's office will complete the application and present it to those present for review before the official license is issued.  Once the official license is issued, the couple is free to marry.  There is no waiting period in the State of Vermont between the time that the official license is issued and when the marriage can take place but the license is only valid for 60 days.  The fee is $60.00 and must be paid by check, cash, or credit card (additional 2.8% charge).

The City of South Burlington does not accept pre-payment for a certified copy of the civil marriage license.  Payments for certified copies of a civil marriage will only be accepted after the marriage ceremony and once the license is returned to the clerk's office by the officiant or by mail.

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Justices of the Peace - list of current JP's in the City

Civil Marriage license application - Please complete the sample civil marriage application and bring into the City Clerk's office for processing.