Notary Service

Notary Public
The City Clerk's staff are all notary publics and we will notarize your documents during our office hours.
  • Due to the time required, notary services are provided to South Burlington residents only.
  • Notary services are provided free of charge.

Please follow these simple rules to make sure that we can notarize your documents:
  • Do not sign the document prior to coming into the office. The notary must witness you signing the document
  • Please bring adequate identification for every person signing the document.  Driver's licenses and passports are preferred. 
  • Due to time constraints in the office we will only notarize 3 signatures or 3 documents, whichever is less, during a 24 hour period.
  • If your document requires more than 1 witness in addition to the notary, please be aware that we will sometimes have difficulty in finding additional witnesses for you.  Due to the complexity of all the various documents we see, we will not allow the notary to also sign as a witness, as some documents do not allow it.
  • We will not notarize a document which states that the attached copy, such as a driver's license, passport, etc. are valid documents
  • We will not notarize I-9 Employee Eligibility Verification Form
  • If you have any questions regarding our notary services, please call the office at 846-4105.