Property Fraud Alert

FAQ and registration

In an effort to reduce the risk of property fraud, South Burlington residents can now register to be notified by email whenever a document is filed in the South Burlington Clerk’s office.

Why do I need to register?  With property fraud happening across the country, this helps give some peace of mind that if a document (sale of house, lien, mortgage, etc.) is filed, you will be notified, by email with the recording information. This is a free service that simply alerts you when a document is filed with the City Clerk’s office that matches the information entered into the registry.  For a more thorough description of what Property Fraud Alert is, click on the link for instructions and helpful tips.

If you decide that you wish to register with the City for property fraud alerts, follow this link to register

If you have any questions, please reach out to Donna by either calling her at 802-846-4119 or emailing her at