Register to Vote

To register to vote:

Everyone who registers to vote should receive confirmation from the Clerk's office within a few weeks of submitting your application.  If you do not receive notification please contact our office at 846-4105 to verify your voting status.

Early voting Ballots (were previously known as absentee ballots):

Early voting ballots are typically available one month prior to an election.  You can request one by: 

  1. Calling our office at 846-4105 prior to each election to request an absentee ballot be sent to you.
  2. Submitting the early ballots request form - click here.  Complete the form and mail or e-mail to the clerk's office.
  3. Dropping by City Hall.  You can vote here at the City Clerk's office up until noon the day before the election.
  4. Going to MyVoterPage at to order your ballot. 

The City of South Burlington allows absentee voting in the city clerk's office prior to the election but ends at noon the day before the election and not on election day.  Early voting ballots are brought to the polls on election day and are co-mingled with the ballots cast at the polls.