Reporting unlicensed dogs and cats

Anonymously report an unlicensed dog or cat

In an effort to maintain the safety of our citizens, the City is introducing a new way to report any unlicensed dog or cat in the City.  By filling in the text boxes below you may anonymously report an unregistered dog or cat that resides in the City.  An e-mail will be sent to the City Clerk from this website with no reference to the informant's identity.

Here is a list of currently registered dog and cats as of June 29, 2021 by street address.  Please use this to verify if a dog or cat is registered or not.

Once an unregistered dog or cat is reported to the City either through this portal or a phone call, the following steps will be taken:
1) Letter sent to the property owner giving them 2 weeks notice to either register the dog or cat or notify the City that there are no unregistered dog(s) or cat(s) on their property.
          a) If notified that there is no dog or cat at the location, the animal control officer shall verify that claim. If a dog or cat is found at the location, there shall be a $50.00 fine per dog or cat in addition to the late registration fees.
2) If the Clerk's office has not heard from the resident of the property, they shall forward the information to the Animal Control Officer for follow-up.  The Animal Control Officer shall investigate all reports of possible unlicensed dogs and cats and if they find any unregistered dog or cat is found at the location, there shall be a $50.00 fine per dog or cat in addition to the late registration fees.


Please be aware that once the letter is sent out to an address that has been reported for an unlicensed pet and they fail to register their pet, it is out of the Clerk's office of authority and it is up the City's Animal Control Officer to follow through.  Because this is an anonymous reporting system the City is unable to respond back to reports that have come through more than once.  If someone would like to follow up on what the City has done for a particular reporting please feel free to call the Clerk's office or the Animal Control Officer. 

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