Vital Records

South Burlington City Hall is closed effective Monday, November 16 but the City Clerk's office will be working behind the scenes but with a much reduced staff and limited hours of 9-12 and 1-3.  To obtain a copy of a death or birth certificate, please fill out the paperwork and call the office at (802) 846-4105 to find out which email account to use to submit the completed form as well as your id.  Once complete, we will set up a time to meet you outdoors to exchange the certified copy for your payment.  If you use a credit card it must be submitted at the time of the request for the certified copies, otherwise cash or check are the accepted payments at pickup.    To obtain a certified copy of a marriage license, please call (802) 846-4105 to give the information on the marriage and arrange a pick up time.                                                

Birth and Death certified copy

Effective July 1st all birth and death records are restricted to the person, relative, legal guardian, court appointed such as executor or administrator or petitioner for decedent's estate or legal representative.  An application for certified copy of Vermont birth or death certificate must be filled out and identification presented. 

All Vermont death and birth certificates will be able to be obtained at any Vermont clerk's office regardless of where the child was born or the person living at the time of their death nor where they were born or died (usually hospital).

                                                 Marriage certified copy

In order to obtain a certified copy of a marriage license, no application is required but we will need the name of one of the parties and the date of the marriage and must be in the municipality that issued the license.

If you wish to receive a certified copy of any vital record, there are several ways to request it:

  1. Stop by the office .
  2. Mail in the application with copy of identification for birth or death or the necessary information for a marriage copy, a check for the certified copies ($10.00 per copy) and a self-addressed stamped return envelope. Mail the request to: City of South Burlington, Attn: Clerk’s Office, 575 Dorset St, S. Burlington, VT  05403

                 Non-certified copies of any vital record (birth, marriage or death)  $2.00

No application is required and can be requested by any individual and can be done by coming into the office, mailing in a request or calling the clerk's office for payment with a credit card.  The non-certified copy will be printed on white paper with a noncertified watermark printed on the certificate and no seal.