City Manager's Office

Jessie Baker,  City Manager  -
City Hall
180 Market Street
South Burlington, Vermont 05403
(802) 846-4107

          As Chief Executive Officer for the City of South Burlington, the City Manager oversees the administration of the City, its operating departments, and the City budget.  Appointed by the City Council to carry out its policies and directives, the City Manager position is non-partisan and filled based upon the qualifications of the applicant.  

Key City Staff & Department Heads:

City Manager’s Office



Public Works

  • Director/City Engineer – Justin Rabidoux   l  658-7961
  • Environmental Services Director – Tom DiPietro   l  658-7961
  • Sewer Superintendent – Bob Fischer   l  658-7964
  • Water Superintendent – Jay Nadeau  l  864-7454 x. 4817

Clerk’s Office

Planning & Zoning

Recreation & Parks

  • Recreation Director – Holly Rees l  846-4108

Public Library

Public Records

          The City of South Burlington has a public records policy which complies with the Vermont’s “Public Records Law” (Title 1, Chapter 5, Subchapter 3 of Vermont Statutes Annotated - 1 V.S.A. § 315-320). The law states that “"[A]ny agency, board, department, commission, committee, branch, instrumentality, or authority of the state or any agency, board, committee, department, branch, instrumentality, commission, or authority of any political subdivision of the state" is obligated to provide access to public records for inspection and copying unless the records are exempt by law from public access.

          Submit public information requests to the appropriate department personnel as follows:

  • Vital and Land Records – Donna Kinville, City Clerk - 846-4119
  • South Burlington Police Records Department  -  e-mail  846-4160
  • Development Review Board and Planning Commission - Paul Conner, Planning and Zoning Director l  846-4113
  • All other records not listed above - Contact the department head or City Manager's Office  l  846-4107

Direct Lobbying

          The City does not use a lobbying firm for general lobbying activities.

          Elected and appointed officials may from time to time advocate for or against legislation either as individuals or as a result of a position officially adopted by the City Council.  Any Council actions taken may be found in the minutes of the City Council.

City Affiliation to Organizations that Lobby

          The following is a list of organizations that the City has membership in which engage in lobbying activities.  The membership amounts shown are the total membership cost and should not be viewed as amounts spent solely on lobbying activities. The amounts shown were paid in FY2013. Information about each organization and their activities can be found by following the links provided.

          Positions taken by an organization the City is affiliated with do not necessarily reflect the views of the South Burlington City Council. The official views of the Council are found in minutes of their meetings, and are generally reported in The Other Paper.

** All communications with public officials and City employees may be subject to public disclosure **