Accounts Payable

ACH and Card payments now available:

The City of South Burlington is pleased to offer electronic payments through Paymode⁠-⁠X, the largest and fastest growing settlement network.  Our vendors now have the option to receive payments faster via Card and ACH. 
We will begin making payments electronically once you have enrolled and have been activated in Paymode-X.

                                                                     PaymodeX-Logo-Digital (003)
is offered by TD Bank, and it replaces paper checks by electronically depositing payments directly into a designated bank account via ACH (Automated Clearing House). A remittance detail is provided via email advising amount, date of payment, and invoice numbers.


You can get more information and/or enroll in Paymode-X online. Once enrolled, Paymode-X will notify us, and electronic payments will begin shortly thereafter.


Your enrollment in Paymode-X offers many benefits:

  • Saves time and money - Paymode-X reduces labor, hassle, expense, and risk associated with checks and other traditional payment methods. There is no charge to receive a payment from us via Paymode-X.
  • Enhances cash flow - Electronic payments through Paymode-X provide cash flow benefits by eliminating mail and paper check float.
  • Fits with existing systems and banking practices - Paymode-X requires no purchase of software, no modifications to your existing accounts receivable systems, and no changes to your bank or bank accounts.
  • Includes detailed remittance information - Paymode-X enables delivery of digital remittance information along with the payment for easier reconciliation. Digital remittance information can be sent via ACH (CCD, CCD+, or CTX) or accessed via online download options. Each time you receive a payment through Paymode-X, you will be sent an electronic notification.
  • History of payments - A detailed history of all Paymode-X payments from the City of South Burlington will be at your fingertips on the Paymode-X website.
  • Going Green - Paperless, electronic payments are more secure, save money, and also help conserve the environment by eliminating printing and mailing paper checks.

W-9 and Hold harmless Forms:  
All new vendors are required to complete a W-9 form and a Hold Harmless form before checks can be mailed for payment.  See the links for the forms and return a completed copy to the your contact person within the city or email it to the accounts payable department at