Fiscal Year 2019 Approved Budget

Fiscal Year 2019 Budget

Each year the City adopts an annual budget which is an appropriation of public funds for the following Fiscal Year.  The City's Fiscal Year begins each year on July 1 and ends on June 30.  The budget is named for the year in which it ends.

By the time a Fiscal Year begins, the City is already looking ahead to budget for the following fiscal year.  See below under Adoption Process to learn how the City budget is considered and approved each year. The City Council approves a schedule to develop the budget each year.

The Annual Budget is comprised of three parts:  The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) for capital expenses and identified projects, the General Fund budget which includes all department costs, and the Enterprise Funds budget which focuses on the sewer, stormwater, and water projects.

Capital Improvement Program
The first element of the budget to be developed is the Capital Improvement Program.  

This plan is approved by the City Council.  It contains projected financial expenditures and the revenues. It covers a 10-year span, planning for future projects and capital expenses.  This plan is organized by department and cost centers, similar to the Annual Budget, except for some areas such as Roadways, City Center, Open Space and Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements.  Each cost center, department or area is summarized by expenditure and revenue type, summarized by projects, and then detailed on an individual expense/project page.

General Fund FY2019 Budget
The fiscal year 2019 budget includes the General Fund (all city departments) and is approved by City Council prior to going to the voters on Town Meeting Day.

Enterprise Funds FY2019 Budget
The FY2019 Enterprise Funds budget includes wastewater, stormwater, and water projects. This budget also is approved by City Council prior to a public vote. 

Adoption Process

The City Manager presents the following Fiscal Year budget each winter to the City Council for consideration.  The City Council, over one or more meetings, will come to a decision regarding the budgets for the General Fund (all department costs) and for the Enterprise Funds (Sewer, Stormwater and Water). 

In an effort to minimize expenses, the budget booklet is not automatically mailed.  Instead, a card will be mailed to all voters with instructions on how to receive a book if they so desire.  The Budget will also be available online.  Voters may either go to City Hall to obtain a budget book or call 846-4107 to have a book mailed to them.  This budget book also contains the School District's Budget.  The South Burlington School District is a separate political and fiscal entity from the City.