Planned Unit Development / Master Plan Project

Planned Unit Developments and Master Plans
About this Project:
The Planning Commission is in the midst of an overhaul to how Subdivisions, Planned Unit Developments and Master Plans are applied in the community. Key goals of this project are to provide greater predictability to both applicants and the public during the review process, while encouraging innovating design and development that lines up with the City's Comprehensive Plan and its goals for conservation and smart development.

NEW September 30, 2021
Draft Land Development Regulations [9/30 Clean Version]
Draft Land Development Regulations [9/30 redline version]

Update: September 24, 2021:
Draft Land Development Regulations [all sections except PUD & Building Types)  [9/18 CLEAN VERSION]
     - Draft LDRs (PUDs and Building Types) [9/24 CLEAN VERSION]
Draft Land Development Regulations [all sections except PUD & Building Types) [9/18 REDLINE VERSION]
     - Draft LDRs (PUDs and Building Types) [9/24 REDLINE VERSION]
Environmental Protections layer maps

Recent Presentations:
Next Steps:
The Commission will be pulling all of the various piece together over the coming few months, and will have multiple opportunities for community input prior to holding a formal public hearing.

Project Documents:

Everything listed below are draft documents that have been shared with the Planning Commission over the course of the project. Most are still in stages of discussion and editing, with some likely to undergo substantial edits. None of these documents should be considered final drafts. Importantly, the drafts below are the drafts that the Planning Commission commented on. In nearly each case, the Commission has provided feedback on modifying these (see minutes). Should you have questions, or would like assistance in referencing associated staff memos or Commission meeting minutes for any of these topics, please contact the Planning and Zoning Department.  

1. Overall Project Status & Broad Findings

2. Planned Unit Development Types and Standards

3. Natural Resources Standards (applies to both PUD and other development)

4. Typologies (not all may be applicable to PUDs)

5. Master Plan Standards
6. Subdivision Standards
7. Underlying Zoning District Amendments
8. Prior Presentations and additional resources
Public Outreach meeting notes
In addition to work at Planning Commission meetings (see minutes), Commissioners are hosting public outreach sessions. Meeting notes from these sessions are below:
Related Projects
The Planning Commission's work on this project is closely related to work being done by other committees in the City, notably those requested by the City Council under the Interim Zoning bylaw adopted November 13, 2018.
For more information about this project, please contact Paul Conner, Director of Planning & Zoning, at (802) 846-4106 or