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The Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on Tuesday, January 10, 2023, 7pm, on proposed amendments to the Land Development Regulations.

LDR-22-09: Updates to Article 12 Environmental Standards, including, but not limited to modification of the Class II wetlands buffer boundary in some residential areas, streamline administrative permitting process, and remove permitted, human-made steep slopes from regulation as steep slopes.

Prior Actions:

City Council held a public hearing on proposed amendments to the Land Development Regulations December 5, 2022. This hearing included LDR-22-07 and LDR-022-08, as described below.

The current regulations were adopted by the City Council on November 21, 2022. This most recent set of amendments expanded the City's Transferable Development Rights Program to include receiving areas within higher density mixed use zoning districts and made some technical corrections throughout. Prior to this round, the City established a "General PUD", Site Amenity requirements, and modified Site Plan standards in May 2022. A minor correction to these amendments was approved by the Council in July 2022 to address a missing sheet from the initial adoption. On February 7, 2022, the City Council adopted a set of amendments to changes to the City's Land Development Regulations. These includes updated Environmental Protection Standards, a replacement of the City's Subdivision, Master Plan, and Planned Unit Development standards, a series of Zoning District changes, and several stand-alone amendments including extension of Inclusionary Zoning city-wide, requirement for solar-ready roofs on commercial buildings, updates to accessory apartment and accessory structure standards, stormwater standard revisions, and more. Below are a series of 1-2 page "spotlights" on each of the proposed amendments, by general category
Environmental Protection Standards
Master Plans / Subdivision / Planned Unit Developments
Zoning District Changes
Stand-Alone Amendments
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