Land Development Regulation Updates

The City is preparing a host of changes to the City's Land Development Regulations. Read on for more information
The City is considering a substantial update and overhaul to the City's Land Development Regulations. These includes updated Environmental Protection Standards, a replacement of the City's Subdivision, Master Plan, and Planned Unit Development standards, a series of Zoning District changes, and several stand-alone amendments including extension of Inclusionary Zoning city-wide, requirement for solar-ready roofs on commercial buildings, updates to accessory apartment and accessory structure standards, stormwater standard revisions, and more.

What's the current status?
The Planning Commission will be holding a public hearing on the proposed amendments on October 26, 2021, 7 pm. Participation options.
Follow each stage of the adoption process on the Draft Amendment Status Page

Where can I find the draft Amendments and Planning Commission Report?
How can I get an introduction to each topic? Below are a series of 1-2 page "spotlights" on each of the proposed amendments, by general category
Environmental Protection Standards
Master Plans / Subdivision / Planned Unit Developments
Zoning District Changes
Stand-Alone Amendments
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Link to EPS Project Page
Link to Master Plan / PUD Project Page