Land Development Regulation Updates

The City is preparing a host of changes to the City's Land Development Regulations. Read on for more information
The City is considering a substantial update and overhaul to the City's Land Development Regulations. These includes updated Environmental Protection Standards, a replacement of the City's Subdivision, Master Plan, and Planned Unit Development standards, a series of Zoning District changes, and several stand-alone amendments including extension of Inclusionary Zoning city-wide, requirement for solar-ready roofs on commercial buildings, updates to accessory apartment and accessory structure standards, stormwater standard revisions, and more.

What's the current status?
The City Council has warned a Public Hearing on the draft Amendments to the Land Development Regulations for January 3, 2022, 7:30 pm. The Council took its action on November 8th, following receipt of the Draft from the Planning Commission. The Planning Commission approved the draft amendments on November 2nd, 2021 following their public hearing the week before.

On December 6th, the Council received a presentation on what's included in the draft from the chair of the Planning Commission and the Planning & Zoning Director. 

Follow each stage of the adoption process on the Draft Amendment Status Page

December 20, 2021      Land Development Regulations Updates

Where can I find the draft Amendments and Planning Commission Report?
How can I get an introduction to each topic? Below are a series of 1-2 page "spotlights" on each of the proposed amendments, by general category
Environmental Protection Standards
Master Plans / Subdivision / Planned Unit Developments
Zoning District Changes
Stand-Alone Amendments
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Public Comment Received

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