Planning & Zoning FAQs

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Note: The FAQ’s listed here are intended only to provide general guidance and basic responses to frequently asked questions. They are not a complete iteration of the regulations; additional restrictions may apply, especially in unique scenarios. Only application and written approval can guarantee compliance. Please speak with our Administrative Officer with any questions or to seek clarity. 

Where are you located?

What are your hours?

I want to have a garage/yard sale. What do I need to know?

Do I need a permit to build a shed?

Do I need a permit to replace a deck or porch?

Do I need a permit to install a patio made of pavers, concrete, or bricks?

Do I need a permit to remodel the interior of my home?

Do I need a permit to create an accessory apartment or in-law apartment?

Do I need a permit to install a swimming pool?

Do I need a permit to install a fence?

Do a need a permit to replace siding or resurface my roof

Do I need a permit to resurface or widen my driveway?

Do I need a permit to have backyard chickens?

What is the difference between a "zoning permit" and a "building permit"?

How long does it take to get a permit?

Does to City have electrical or building codes?

What are your permit fees?

I'm selling my house / condo. Do I need anything from the Planning & Zoning Department?

What is the difference between a Certificate of Compliance and a Certificate of Occupancy?

How do I find out what zoning district a property is in?

Am I allowed to have a home based business?

I am considering buying or leasing space and am proposing a different use of that building. Who should I contact?

I own a business. May I put out a temporary sign?

What are the City's Election Signage rules?

I want to find out more information about a project I saw. Who do I contact?

What is the status of City Center?

Who do I contact with questions about the Airport?