Citizen's Compliment/Complaint

File a Compliment or a Complaint
Your feedback is crucial to us. The best way to encourage good performance is to model the expectation.  A meaningful metric of positive performance is the level of trust the community places in its police force.  

Our police department is committed to embodying the highest ethical and professional standards, and prides itself on the quality police service we provide the community.  Your feedback is critical in how we develop strategy and policy in order to meet the community’s expectations. We appreciate you taking the opportunity to help us become a better police organization.

Compliment the South Burlington Police Department
Our officers and professional staff would like to hear about any memorable experience you may have had with them. A compliment may be submitted using the form below. Compliments will be shared with the recognized employee, their supervisor, as well as the command staff.

Filing a Complaint about the South Burlington Police Department
The South Burlington Police Department is here to help you. Anyone with a question or concern about a police contact is encouraged to call the non-emergency number, (802) 846-4111, and ask to speak with the Officer in Charge.  Many questions about police procedure can be answered and resolved by a phone call to the Officer in Charge.  

If an initial phone call does not resolve your concern, you may file a formal complaint online, or in person. Serious allegations, violations of law or civil rights, will be referred to a member of the command staff for investigation on behalf of the Chief of Police. Minor misconduct, being discourteous or cruiser operation, can be assigned to the field supervisor for review.  Regardless of the situation, the complainant will be notified of the findings of the inquiry.  Please keep in mind that anonymous complaints limit our ability to follow up with you as part of the inquiry and as to our findings.  File a complaint utilizing the form below.

Compliments or complaints can also be written and mailed to:

Chief of Police
South Burlington Police Department
19 Gregory Drive, Suite 1
South Burlington, Vermont 05403

The South Burlington Police Department can also accommodate individuals needing translation services or those with special needs. If you are an individual in need of a specific accommodation please contact the Officer in Charge via telephone or in person so we can insure we are providing you the service you need.