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Chief Sprano
chief sprano

1953 - 1960
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The South Burlington Police Department was established in 1953 with one Police Officer.  As written in the 1954 Selectmen's Report:

"Pursuant to this vote the Selectmen interviewed a number of applicants and finally selected the present chief, Robert Sprano, of Winooski. Mr. Sprano had a fine record as a police officer in the City of Winooski and had the endorsement of both the State Police, the Burlington Police and the Sheriff’s department. Mr. Sprano embarked upon his duties in April and the results of his efforts are known to all. We most heartily recommend the continuation of the Police Officer which South Burlington so badly needed and we have made provision for this continuation in the budget submitted for Town action. The report of the Police Officer appears elsewhere in this annual report." (Town Report 1954, Selectmen’s Report, p.28)

Chief Sprano detailed many of the issues that faced South Burlington in his 1953 Police Department Report: 

"The major problem of the Police Department during the past year has been the traffic situation. All of the citizens of the Town realize how difficult a problem we have because of the narrowness of the highways, the heavy traffic and the lack of sidewalks in our school area.

The Town has requested the installation of a traffic light at the intersection of Hinesburg Road and Williston Road and we believe the request will be granted.

Complaints arising from shooting of air-guns and rifles and the destruction of property in the populated areas of the Town has become a problem. The Selectmen were given an ordinance which would remedy the situation.

A survey of the roads was conducted with Mr. Campbell and a report on this survey with the special reduction of traffic hazards is being submitted.

March 22, 1954, 1st known motor vehicle pursuit ends in suspect crashing stolen vehicle

Police Department Budget 1953
$5000 Budgeted"

A complete history of the Police Department is attached.

The History of the South Burlington Police Department