Departmental Awards

In order to recognize and reward those members of the South Burlington Police Department and civilian community who distinguish themselves by their acts or conduct, a formal Awards Program was adopted in 1991. Nominations for Awards and Citations may be made by any member of the South Burlington Police Department, by any Law Enforcement Agency, or by any member of the civilian community. Below is a list of Department Awards and Citations and the guidelines for when they may be issued.

Medal of Honor

Awarded for: An outstanding act, clearly above and beyond the call of duty, at imminent personal hazard of life, with full knowledge of the risk involved.

Heroism Award

Awarded for: An individual act of heroism, at imminent personal hazard of life, in combat with an armed adversary.

Gallantry Star

Awarded for: An act of distinguished bravery in the arrest of a person who is a major threat to the welfare of the community and/or the officer.

Meritorious Service

Awarded for: A highly unusual accomplishment, under adverse condition with some degree of hazard to life and limb of the nominee, or where death or injury to a third party is prevented.

Unit Citation

Award for: Participation of an Officer or Officers of an operating unit and/or the entire Departmental staff in a cited action.

Distinguished Achievement

Awarded for: A highly creditable accomplishment, bringing public acclaim to the officer, the Department or the police profession as a result of training, devotion to duty, education or service to the public.

Physical Fitness

Awarded for: Achieving a 60th percentile rating of the physical fitness requirements.

Service Award

Awarded for: Five consecutive years of service, (with 5 year increments) with the South Burlington Police Department.