Emergency Communications Center

Emergency Comm Center   dispatch

The Emergency Communications Center is staffed 24 hours a day 365 days a year. The Emergency Communications Center, or Dispatch as it is commonly called, receives calls from citizens via both 9-1-1 and conventional telephone numbers. Calls are screened to determine the need for police, fire, and/or ambulance assistance and if a response is required. The Emergency Communications officer will then dispatch the appropriate department to that call.

The South Burlington Police Department uses a call prioritization and classification system to insure that those needing help most urgently get the fastest possible response. This is necessary because during periods of peak activity, there are often times when there are more calls for service than there are available police officers to send.

A Computer Aided Dispatch system is used to help the Emergency Communications Officer inventory the calls that are received and organize them for dispatch at a later time. All telephone and radio conversations involving the Emergency Communications operations are recorded and strict attention to accuracy, speed and quality are maintained. The Emergency Communications Center is staffed by full time and part-time Emergency Communications officers.


  • History of the Program

Project Good Morning was originally started twenty two years ago by the Wolfeboro New Hampshire Police Department after three senior citizens, who lived alone, died in their residences over a two month period. Wolfeboro Police decided to have their senior citizens, who lived alone, check into the police department every morning. If a participant didn’t call in, a phone call to the residence was made. If there was no answer, an officer was dispatched to check on the participant to make sure that they were okay

  • Purpose of the Program

The purpose of this program is to assist our Senior and disabled citizens with an independent lifestyle. The daily check-in with the police department provides the participant and their families peace of mind knowing that there will be personal contact every day with someone.


For information around eligibility or to sign up for Project Good Morning, call (802) 658-7969 and speak with a dispatcher.