Outside the Classroom Activities

CSI Camp
Taking measurements

Every Summer members of the South Burlington Police Youth Services Unit put on a CSI (Crime Scene Investigation Camp), in conjunction with the Recreation Department.

Dusting for Fingerprints

Campers learn skills such as crime scene photography, evidence collection, fingerprinting, and crash investigation skills. There are various hands on activities campers complete with the new skills they learn. Mock Crime Scenes and Car Accident Scenes are processed by campers in teams of fellow detectives.

Student Hikes

Cpl Favreau (right) with Gino Riffle, Rice Assistant Principal

Every Fall, some of the members of Youth Services are asked by the schools they work in to go on hikes and other fun activities.  This year, Cpl Favreau and Officer Wilson both hiked Mt Philo in Charlotte, VT.  Cpl Favreau went with the freshman class at Rice and Officer Wilson went with students from Chamberlain School.