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Welcome to the South Burlington Police Department Records Division.  The Records Division is charged with the safe handling and storage of all of the police records generated by the organization.  Persons who wish to obtain a police record may request one here.

Crash reports are supplied by the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Please complete a Vermont DMV Record Request and mail your request to:

Department of Motor Vehicles
Driver Improvement Unit
120 State Street
Montpelier, VT 05603

A crash report includes the police report of the motor vehicle crash; which are available 30 days from the date of the collision. For questions, contact the DMV directly at 802-828-2000. If you were an operator involved in a traffic crash who did not receive a copy of the crash report face sheet please contact the Officer in Charge at 802-846-4111.

It is important to note that not all Police records are public records.  We are governed by the Vermont Public Records Law which allows for a variety of exemptions, please review the law here.  In addition, there are other State and Federal laws that restrict or prohibit the handling and dissemination of juvenile and other records, particularly those associated with referrals to alternative prosecution programs.

Fees may be assessed to public records requests as outlined in the Vermont Uniform Fee Schedule found here (check or money order only made out to South Burlington Police Department).  If the records you have requested have been determined to be public records, but are not immediately available for inspection, we will provide you an estimate of when they will be ready for inspection.  If we have determined that the records that you have requested are exempt from public inspection we will notify you as to the cited exemption.

If it is more convenient, please complete this form and hand deliver your request to us.  If you have a question about a police record please feel free to contact us at (802) 846-4160 or via e-mail.