Mailing address:
180 Market Street
South Burlington, Vermont 05403

Office address:
104 Landfill Rd.
South Burlington, Vermont 05403
Telephone: (802) 658-7961
Fax: (802) 658-7976

Contact Information:

Director of Public Works: Tom DiPietro, extension 6101,

Deputy Director of Operations:  Adam Cate, extension 6102,

Deputy Director of Capital Projects: Erica Quallen, extension 6115,

Deputy Director of Water Resources:
Dave Wheeler, extension 6113,

Municipal ADA Coordinator: Erica Quallen, extension 6115,

Public Works Project Manager:
Position currently vacant

Engineer Technician:
Todd Gregory, extension 6104,

Public Service Specialist:
 Position currently vacant

Parks Maintenance Foreman:  Andrew Noonan, extension 6105,

Vehicle Maintenance:  Dan Guillemette, extension 6106,

City Arborist: Craig Lambert, extension 6103,

Highway Foreman: Greg Magnant, extension 6114,

Stormwater Foreman: Joe Gebo, extension 6110,

Stormwater Superintendent: Marisa Rorabaugh, extension 6111,

Stormwater Project Manager: Monika Ingalls, extension 6108,

Traffic Signal Technician: Scott Jacobs, extension 6109,

Other Contacts:
Wastewater Treatment - 802-658-7964 - Click Here for more information
Water, Sewer, and Stormwater bills - 802-864-4361 - Click Here for more information
South Burlington Water Department (Champlain Water District) - 802-864-7454 - CWD Website
Chittenden Solid Waste District - 802-872-8100 - CSWD Website