Department of Public Works (DPW)

 Welcome to the Department of Public Works

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The Department of Public Works (DPW) is here to keep our city running smoothly.  Whether it's a pothole that needs fixing, a sign that needs replacing or a street light out of sync, we are here to address citizen needs.  If you have a problem to report, please email us or call our offices at 802-658-7961.

Public Works consists of six divisions:  Highway, Stormwater Utility, Parks, Mechanic, Wastewater, Water. While all divisions share the responsibility for plowing and salting, their other activities vary.

Highway is the largest division in Public Works and they oversee much of the day to day maintenance throughout the city. The staff is responsible for mowing, patching potholes, repaving streets, repainting street lines, crosswalks and bike lanes, removing debris from the street, maintaining street lighting and signage, winter plowing and road clearing, cleaning gravity sewer lines and responding to citizen complaints.  As of 2022, the Public Works maintains approximately 79.72 miles of public roads.


Stormwater Utility is responsible for maintaining and inspecting all of the publicly owned stormwater infrastructures in the city.  This includes routine inspections and cleanings, mowing of stormwater ponds, maintenance of stormwater ponds and street sweeping. They work to eliminate stormwater pollution of our streams and Lake Champlain.  Vermont's first and only stormwater utility, it manages and maintains stormwater drainage including more than 120 miles of drain lines and 2500-plus catch basins.  It also develops and maintains proactive management practices such as detention ponds, rain gardens, and the Bartlett Brook stormwater wetland. To learn more about the Utility's activities please read over their website:

Parks is the division responsible for the maintenance of all the City's wonderful parks.  They stripe fields, mow parks, maintain park signage, coordinate volunteer groups and provide the appropriate equipment as well as maintain over 15 miles of recreation paths.  Parks also is where the City's Arborist works.  This person is in charge of keeping our city trees healthy and safe for residents.  In the summer, this department oversees planting of new trees, watering of young trees and pruning.  Winter is actually a great time to do tree maintenance!  When the arborist isn't plowing, he is pruning trees that need it.

Mechanic keeps all of our equipment on the road and doing well.  The staff works on the City's ambulances, fire trucks, trucks, plows, mowers, trailers, tractors, buses and assorted machinery.

Wastewater is in charge of the operation of the City's two wastewater treatment plants (on Airport Parkway and Bartlett Bay Road) and the 36 pump stations that collect sewage waste around the city.
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oversees the  City's water infrastructure, including all water pipes, valves, hydrants and utility billing systems.

After hours/holiday emergencies:  
Call South Burlington Police Dispatch - (802) 846-4111

Other questions:  

          Solid Waste:  Chittenden Solid Waste District - 872-8100 - CSWD Website

          Drinking Water:  Champlain Water District - 864-7454 - CWD Website

          Water / Sewer / Stormwater Bill Information:  864-4361 - Click Here for more information

          Sewer / Water Quality: 658-7964 - Click Here for more information

                                        Please email us at Public Works to order a Slow Down for Kids Sign
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