Paving Plan

Paving List for Summer 2023*

  • Black Lantern Lane (entire road)
  • Butler Drive (Marcy Street to Whiteface Street)
  • Cedar Glen (Spear Street to the cul-de-sac)
  • Cheesefactory Lane (entire road)
  • Cottage Grove (Williston Road to White Street)
  • Eastwood Drive (Joy Drive to Farrell Street)
  • Hayes Avenue (Timber Lane to VT 116)
  • Kinsington Street (Hayes Avenue to Derby Circle)
  • Nowland Farm Road (Pinnacle Drive to Dorset Street)
  • Pinnacle Drive (Easterly portion)
  • Proctor Avenue (Meadow Lane to Rice High School entrance)
  • Spear Street (Pinnacle Drive to Swift Street)
  • Twin Oaks (Twin Oaks West to Hayes Avenue)
  • Woodside Drive (Sherry Road to Oakwood Drive)
Paving List for Summer 2024*
  • Dorset Street phase 4 of 4 (Aspen Drive to Kennedy Drive)

*Paving list is tentative. Depending upon pricing, we may add or remove streets in order to fit the City’s approved paving budget.